Seven Dwarfs of to work

Where Were You When….

I saw this video on a web page I browsed over the weekend, girding me for the coming work week. The full video is linked below, extolling us all to get to work! Thank you, Disney.

But it made me think…of not just my coming work week, but also of how our world is unique in all of human history.

This video dates back to 1937 – 80 years ago. Which would be like someone in 1937 watching a video:

  • Of Queen Victoria formally opening the Victora and Albert Museum. Or the founding of the Illinois State University. Or Elisha Otis’ first elevator installation.
  • Announcing the birth announcement of President Taft, Edward Elgar, Pope Pius XI, Robert Baden-Powell or Knut Ångström.

Aside from the fact that “video” didn’t exist in 1857 (that came in 1889), this video is one of thousands of examples illustrating that for the first time in history, we today, can see accurate and original recordings of events, music, dance, interviews from a time that predates ourselves…our parents, our grandparents…4 generations back.

Not to read it/see it through the eyes of a historian or artist. But to be able to see it for ourselves.

History now lives forever.