Four Futures: A book review

“Four Futures: Life After Capitalism”. A book review

I have just finished reading the book “Four Futures: Life After Capitalism” by Peter Frase.

I strongly recommend this book as it provides an interesting perspective on our future as a society and as a species.

What sets this book apart is that it does not focus, like many books in the genre, on “gosh gee” technology. It is not science fiction. It is a nonfiction work that merges together politics, economics, and sociology together into a “forecast” of our future.

The Four Futures address the following scenarios:

  1. Egalitarianism and Abundance: Communism
  2. Hierarchy and Abundance: Rentism
  3. Egalitarianism and Scarcity: Socialism
  4. Hierarchy and Scarcity: Exterminism

All are predicated on the fact that Capitalism, as we know it, will end due to automation, artificial intelligence, and a host of other technologies that we are seeing coming to life today.

While I admit that it is not the easiest read I’ve ever tackled, it has provided me considerable insights into how our world may evolve, and thus my role in it.