Binding Technolgy and Best Practices Together

Sales and Marketing Technology

Use the right tools to makes your Sales team more productive and your Marketing team more efficient.

Sales Operations

Move leads from top of funnel to Closed - Won: give your Sales team more time to focus on  moving business through their buying process with the right tools and services.

Marketing Operations

Fill the top of your funnel: let Marketing talk to prospects with the right message delivered at the right time to the right person.

The Real World

Governors Road Network was born to help you compete and thrive in today’s technologically rich commercial environment.

You know your challenge.  Your business has access to tools that only a few years ago were exclusive to large enterprises. CRM, Marketing Automation, Social Media Monitoring: options for your Sales and Marketing technology stack are rich with functionality.

But your time is precious. You and your staff are busy closing sales and servicing customers needs.  You don’t have the staff necessary to select the tools that let you grow.  Revenues are scarce. The Sales Forecast is muddy and the Sales Pipeline is weak. You are unsure of product/project profitability. You are not even sure who your customers are.  Not the contacts you bill, but those that make decisions and influence purchases.

You know there are tools to help, but how do you get there?

Current Tool Use
Current Process Effectiveness

What We Deliver

  • Analyze your business, your Sales and Marketing Operations to  define the right solution
  • Select the technologies you need
  • Implement those technologies
  • Support the technologies after they are implemented
  • Ensure that the original objectives are met

Our network of Sales, Marketing and Technology professionals will build the Sales and Marketing Machine that will propel your business forward.

Process Evaluation
Technology Evaluation
Design & Development