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End of Retailing As We Know It: A Personal Perspective. Part 2

Abandoned Shopping Cart: a metaphor for traditional retailing

Coming Soon to a Browser Near You I was doing my weekly shopping errands and was wrestling with how best to get my preferred brand of cat food. Oscar Wildcat has to eat healthy. I did not want to drive 30 minutes to a local pet store where the brand is stocked. But my local…

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End of Retailing As We Know It: A Personal Perspective. Part 1

End of Retailing

Listen to the Crickets Amongst the Store Aisles We have all heard about the end of bricks ‘n mortar retailing: it’s a common topic in business journals and general news media. Move along folks, move along. Nothing to see here. But on a personal level, it hit home with me yesterday. The Night They Drove…

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Where Were You When….

Seven Dwarfs of to work

I saw this video on a web page I browsed over the weekend, girding me for the coming work week. The full video is linked below, extolling us all to get to work! Thank you, Disney. But it made me think…of not just my coming work week, but also of how our world is unique…

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“Four Futures: Life After Capitalism”. A book review

Four Futures: A book review

I have just finished reading the book “Four Futures: Life After Capitalism” by Peter Frase. I strongly recommend this book as it provides an interesting perspective on our future as a society and as a species. What sets this book apart is that it does not focus, like many books in the genre, on “gosh…

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