Matching Sales Operations & Marketing Best Practices to Technology

Drive Sales, Build References

Governors Road Network helps small and medium-sized businesses build strong sales pipelines by using sales and marketing best practices coupled with the correct technology. 


More prospects. Better calls. Faster closes. Happier customers.




The right tools to lever your teams time.


Determine needs. Identify and recommend technology solution. Implement technology. Train staff. Administer solution.

Sales Operations Management

Sales Operations Management


Manage your Key Performance Indicators.


Who is selling?  Who is buying? Win/Loss Reviews. Manage the Forecast. Report on  your Sales pipeline.


All the things you need to do, but haven't the time.

Marketing Operations Management

Marketing Operations Management


Understand your Market.  Feed the sales funnel with Leads.  Keep prospects engaged.


Competitive analysis. Pricing. Marketing campaigns. Customer satisfaction surveys. 




Clean data saves your team time and improves campaign effectiveness.


Clean lead and customer contact data.  Identify external data sources. Migrate data from current to new technology solution.




Deliver your message to your market.


Create marketing collateral consistent with your brand. Cut sheets. White Papers. Infographics. Explainer videos. Slideware. Organize collateral into a library your Sales Team can easily use.

Sales Tools

Sales Tools


Equip your team to be effective and efficient.


Proposal generation. Contract production. Pricing models.  Competitive database. Reference list.


Does your customer have a relationship with you?

Does Your Customer Have A Meaningful Relationship With You?

By Beaver Builder | January 1, 2017

Who are you? There is no worse question that a customer can ask. It says that there is no meaningful relationship between both you. Your credibility bank account is empty. Repeat business will be expensive to get, if not impossible. They are not a reference that can help you close new business. They will talk to…

Can your Sales Reps speak?

Can Your Sales Reps Speak?

By Edward Patience | June 12, 2016

Obviously, they do. They are giving presentations, working the phone, and closing deals, every day, without fail. You have given them detailed product training and no doubt there is a sales methodology that they follow diligently. But can they speak? Are they coherent? Do they use proper grammar rules? Are they courteous and professional? Where Rubber…

Why Tradeshows and Events?

Tradeshows & Event Marketing: Love ’em | Hate ’em!

By Edward Patience | April 28, 2016

Conflicted Attitudes A friend came back from HIMSS 2016 (Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society 2016) complaining about the event. How expensive it is to exhibit. How much work it was to have a presence. And almost in the same breath, he commented – with considerable enthusiasm -how much he enjoyed the show. Seeing colleagues,…

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